Upcoming events

    • 09 Dec 2022
    • 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Toronto Metropolitan University

    Eastern & Atlantic Regional Conference:
    (Re)defining: Retention, Persistence & Resilience

    Friday, December 9th, 2022 | Toronto Metropolitan University

    Looking forward to having you all join us at Toronto Metropolitan University on Friday, December 9, 2022 from 9:30 am- 3 pm followed by a social event! 

    This year we aim to come together in community and create space to explore ideas, programming, and initiatives that have both worked well over the past two years and those that didn’t land as we expected but that we learned a lot from. Our keynote speaker, Nawal Mustafa (@thebraincoach), will provide us with strategies to support our own resilience as learning strategists. 

    Note: Cost 
    Members [in-person]: $50 dollars
    Non-members [in-person]: $60 dollars
    Members [virtual]: $25 dollars
    Non-members [virtual]: $30 dollars

    Payment can be made via Wild Apricot on the LSAC website. If you'd like to apply for a bursary or if you have questions regarding payments please email us at lsacregional.eanda@gmail.com


    Chelsea Hotel, Toronto 

    33 Gerrard St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4

    (416) 595-1975

    Single room: 169+Tax 

    Listed under: LSAC regional conference 

    Special feature: cross-collaboration of both Eastern and Atlantic regional members! 

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to add anything that has been missed please email us at lsacregional.eanda@gmail.com 

    Excited to connect with you all! 

Past events

22 Nov 2022 November 2022 LSAC eKeynote/Retreat with Dr. Beth Berila: A Nourishing Feminist Leadership Retreat
28 Oct 2022 October 2022 LSAC eKeynote: Mark Solomon on "Learning from the Land"
21 Sep 2022 September 2022 LSAC eKeynote with Dr. Ann Lopez: Creating Sustainable Change in Organizations Grounded in Equity--Is EDI Enough?
03 Aug 2022 Learning Leaders Annual Summer Circle
24 May 2022 LSAC May eKeynote: "Relational and Equity-Minded Learning & Assessment" with Atifa Karim & Sara Wills
19 May 2022 LSAC Pacific Region May Conference 2022
21 Apr 2022 LSAC April eKeynote: Linda Graham, "Bouncing Forward, Bouncing Back"
24 Mar 2022 LSAC March 2022 eKeynote with Dr. Michael Yellow Bird: "Neurodecolonization, mindfulness, and the Medicine Wheel: An Indigenous Model of Traditional Wellness"
17 Feb 2022 LSAC February eKeynote: Keeta Gladue & "Indigenous Academic Integrity: Paradigms into Practice"
13 Jan 2022 LSAC January 2022 eKeynote: Dr. Michael Ungar, "Helping Learners Build Back Better: Resilience During and After the Pandemic"
15 Dec 2021 December LSAC eKeynote: Caiti Casey from UWindsor on Sexual Violence, Trauma & Learning
18 Nov 2021 LSAC November eKeynote: Dr. Laura Rendon on Sensing/Thinking Pedagogy
28 Oct 2021 LSAC October 2021 eKeynote: Barbara Oakley's Back! "Going Deeper into How Neuroscience Is Changing What We Know about Learning"
27 Sep 2021 LSAC September eKeynote: Dr. Rick Ezekiel, Mental Health and Academic Performance in Postsecondary Education: Sociodemographic Risk Factors and Links to Childhood Adversity
21 Jul 2021 Learning Leaders Circle
22 Jun 2021 LSAC June eKeynote 2-Hour Summer Special: Cia Verschelden & "The Bandwidth Tax of Uncertainty: How Do We Help Students Recover, Today and Post-COVID?"
17 May 2021 LSAC 2021 National Conference - Connect, Include, Engage, Empower: Reinventing Learning Communities
20 Apr 2021 LSAC April eKeynote: Barbara Oakley, "Inclusive Teaching for Diverse Student Groups"
25 Mar 2021 March LSAC eKeynote: Tim Pychyl, "Seven Common Misperceptions About Procrastination: What they teach us about more successful goal pursuit"
26 Feb 2021 LSAC February eKeynote: Dr. Victoria Surtees, "The hidden rules of school: Unpacking the cultural norms beneath the strategies we teach"
21 Jan 2021 January 2021 LSAC eKeynote: Dr. Janelle Joseph, "Embodied Learning as Equity Intervention and Cognitive Training"
16 Dec 2020 December LSAC eKeynote: Saundra McGuire & "Reach Metacognitive Equity by Teaching Students How to Learn"
16 Nov 2020 November LSAC eKeynote: Leonard Geddes, "Saving Superheroes--Helping Students Discover Their Academic Superpower"
27 Oct 2020 October LSAC eKeynote: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, "Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity & Learning Difficulties Through a Cognitive Lens"
24 Sep 2020 September LSAC eKeynote: Professor Susan Hillock on "Queering Your Teaching & Advising"
16 Jun 2020 Webinar: Land as Helper: Supporting Student Connection
05 May 2020 Webinar: Skills for Anti-Oppressive Student Advising
31 Mar 2020 Webinar: Your Brain on Learning (aka "Brain Wide Shut")
03 Mar 2020 Webinar: When Cognitive Science Meets Education Research, Evidence-Based Practices in Teaching Emerge
06 Dec 2019 LSAC Eastern Regional Conference 2019
30 May 2019 Post-Conference Session: Mental Health First Aid
27 May 2019 LSAC 2019 National Conference
26 May 2019 Pre-Conference: Gaining Accreditation for Your Tutor Training Program
10 Dec 2018 LSAC Pacific Conference- Breaking Barriers: Serving Diverse Student Populations
07 Dec 2018 LSAC Eastern Regional Conference-New Pathways to Supporting Students: Transforming Academic Learning Support for Changing Times
25 Jun 2018 Webinar: Inspiring Students to Achieve Success: A Shifting Paradigm to Support Student Learning
25 May 2018 LSAC Eastern Regional Roundtable-May 25 2018
25 May 2018 LSAC West 2018: The Winds of Change, Transitions of Students, Staff and Institutions
09 May 2018 LSAC Eastern Regional Round Table
30 Apr 2018 Pacific Region LSAC Conference 2018
28 Mar 2018 Webinar: We Like You! Measuring Success by Social Media
21 Mar 2018 Webinar: Leveraging the Science of Neuroplasticity for Student Success
11 Dec 2017 LSAC 2017 Pacific Region Conference
06 Dec 2017 Webinar: Developing a Diverse Peer Coaching Team
01 Nov 2017 2017 AALL Conference: 21st Century Language and Learning
29 May 2017 LSAC 2017 National Conference
12 May 2017 LSAC 2016 Pacific Regional Conference
10 Apr 2017 2017 ALDinHE Conference: The Learning Development Conference
01 Mar 2017 Webinar: Effective Thinking and Learning: Research Strategies for Improving Student Performance
22 Feb 2017 LSAC Eastern Regional Round Table
08 Feb 2017 Webinar: Promises and Pitfalls of Harnessing Metacognition to Improve Student Learning
01 Feb 2017 ICALLD Online Symposium: Collaboration in a changing environment
18 Jan 2017 Webinar: On noteworthy notes: not all note taking is created equal
30 Nov 2016 2016 ATLAANZ Conference: Build and rebuild: Responding to new Realities
19 Jun 2016 LSAC 2016 Western Regional Conference
17 Jun 2016 LSAC 2016 Atlantic Canada Professional Development Day
13 May 2016 LSAC 2016 Pacific Regional Conference
04 Apr 2016 6th Annual Summit on Education Technology Strategies
23 Mar 2016 Webinar: A Holistic Perspective of Student Success and Links to Practice, Your Role, and Learning Outcomes
27 Jan 2016 ICALLD Inaugural Online Symposium
11 Dec 2015 LSAC Eastern Regional Conference (Toronto)
11 Dec 2015 LSAC Pacific Regional Conference
22 Jun 2015 LSAC Pacific Conference
11 May 2015 LSAC 2015 National Conference
07 Apr 2015 Conference Preview Webinar with Keynote Speaker Leonard Geddes
05 Dec 2014 LSAC Pacific Regional Conference
17 Jun 2014 33rd STLHE Conference
08 Jun 2014 CACUSS 2014
23 May 2014 8th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction
09 May 2014 2014 LSAC Pacific Region Conference
14 Apr 2014 ALDinHE Conference 2014
15 Feb 2014 33rd Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience
06 Dec 2013 LSAC Pacific Regional Conference
06 Dec 2013 LSAC Eastern Regional Conference
06 Nov 2013 46th Annual CRLA Conference
22 May 2013 2013 LSAC National Conference
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