LSAC January 2022 eKeynote: Dr. Michael Ungar, "Helping Learners Build Back Better: Resilience During and After the Pandemic"

  • 13 Jan 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Online via Zoom (link will be sent morning of event)


  • Free :)!!!!

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eKeynote: Helping Learners Build Back Better: Resilience During and After the Pandemic


In this fast-paced, story-filled presentation, Dr. Ungar will show how a student’s resilience is much more than their individual ability to overcome adversity. It is just as much the result of how well their families, educators and communities work together to help vulnerable young people navigate their way to the resources they need for wellbeing, and whether those resources are made available to learners in ways they experience as meaningful. In addition to exploring what resilience means in educational settings for students from many different backgrounds, Dr. Ungar will also provide practical strategies educators and institutions can use to help students cope during and after a crisis, including a pandemic.


Specific learning objectives for this presentation are:


  1. To become familiar with how to assess resilience;
  2. To learn about twelve resilience-promoting resources necessary for positive human development;
  3. To develop strategies for working without resistance with hard-to-reach, culturally diverse students;
  4. To discuss ways services and educational supports can be structured for learners that make resilience more likely to occur.


Michael Ungar, Ph.D., is a Family Therapist and Professor of Social Work at Dalhousie University where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience. His research on resilience around the world and across cultures has made him one of the best-known scholars in the field. He the author of 17 books for parents, educators, mental health professionals, and employers, including his most recent work Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success, a book for adults experiencing stress at work and at home, Working with Children and Youth with Complex Needs: 20 Skills to Build Resilience, a book for counselors, and I Still Love You: Nine Things Troubled Kids Need from their Parents, an accessible guide for parents seeking to build their children’s resilience. His blog, Nurturing Resilience, can be read on Psychology Today’s website.


To view a sample of Dr. Ungar's work, please go to his website




“Your talks really brought resilient theory in practice to life and the feedback I received from those who I did speak to afterwards echoed this. Attendees felt you provided inspiration, clarity and a lot of food for thought.”

Sarah Brennan, Conference Organizer and Chief Executive of Young Minds, UK


“Michael Ungar was a very engaging speaker and so well informed on his subject”

Keynote audience member and Human Resources Professional


“Michael Ungar’s presentation was fantastic and very informative – I will most definitely be looking into his research – it was so fascinating and relevant!”

Conference Attendee, and Mental Health Professional


“An extremely engaging and meaningful keynote. Dr. Ungar was able to connect with every teacher in the room and understood completely how each of has felt at one point or another during our careers. He provided sound advice, future suggestions, and both with a sense of hope. Thank you so much for exposing us to Dr. Ungar- we are so privileged to have listened to his keynote!”

Conference Attendee, and Educator


“Professor Ungar is regarded internationally as a vital resource for enhancing science, policies, and programs fostering well-being amongst young people everywhere”

Richard Lerner, Ph.D, Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development, Tuffs University


“Dr. Ungar is an engaging presenter, concise and presents material in an accessible format. His style is very engaging and the material he presented was incredibly relevant to me as an advisor, and as a parent.”

Conference Attendee, Academic Advisor and parent

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