LSAC February eKeynote: Keeta Gladue & "Indigenous Academic Integrity: Paradigms into Practice"

  • 17 Feb 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Online; Zoom link to be sent morning of event


  • Free!

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In Canada, Indigenous peoples are distinct and diverse nations and communities who carry forward the knowledge of millennia in their stories, songs, protocols, ceremonies, and histories. As Indigenous peoples we know that the knowledge we carry must be authentic, validated, and shared through principled action in order for our peoples to survive and thrive into the future. 

Join us as we discuss the paradigms and principles of academic integrity based on Indigenous values. Providing the philosophical and the practical, this presentation is designed to explore Indigenous approaches to the caretaking of knowledge for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the post-secondary community.


Workshop Presentation

This presentation will explore the Indigenous Academic Integrity project. The Indigenous Academic Integrity project provides insight into paradigms and practices founded in shared values and parallel ways of being. Using a multimodal approach to storytelling, including oral, visual, and written mediums, this presentation demonstrates the formal rigour, validation, and approaches found within Indigenous paradigms that serve to caretake and protect the integrity of knowledge. This resource provides concrete practices that centre Indigenous academic integrity and stem from Indigenous theories and Indigenous research, and it focuses on the principles of relationality, reciprocity, and respect.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion have never been more important to our global community than they are today. The inclusion of new ideas, new perspectives and diversity of thought are the focus of movements around the world. The caretaking of knowledge is fundamental to every culture and every people, yet academic integrity is often considered from a single perspective, a western, often legalistic, and individualist perspective. With growing international calls to decolonize and Indigenize post-secondary education, this presentation offers insight into the values-based, collectivist paradigms, and practices of Indigenous academic integrity.

The presentation will outline the Indigenous Academic Integrity project and how it seeks to explore the many ways of being, connecting, and learning which support both Indigenization and decolonization in the field of academic integrity.


Learning Outcomes:

·       Identify specific themes and principles of Indigenous paradigms.

·       Gain insight and examples of Indigenous paradigms in practice.

·       Ability to demonstrate concrete knowledge on differences between decolonization and Indigenization in the academy. 



Keeta Gladue is currently serving her communities as the Indigenous Student Program Advisor for Writing Symbols Lodge. Cree and Métis, Keeta is a registered social worker with degrees in multiple disciplines, and experience working in rural Indigenous communities and urban city-centres. In her current role, she supports Indigenous post-secondary students as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion through intercultural relationship building and anti-racism work. Keeta is also an Indigenous social work researcher focused on Indigenous academic integrity, Indigenous holistic mental health and wellbeing, and the decolonization and Indigenization of post-secondary institutions. 

A recent TEDx speaker, Keeta is committed to supporting intercultural engagement and understanding. Through curiosity and context, Keeta seeks to spark change and inspire momentum towards equity.


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